<div class="depictcon"> <div> <strong>Specification:</strong></div> <div> Input: 10-240V~1.2A Max,50/60Hz</div> <div> Adapter Output Voltage: 12V</div> <div> Adapter Output Current: 3.4A</div> <div> Adapter Power: 40W</div> <div> Weight( Adapter only ) :236g</div> <div> Adapter tip note: 4PIN</div> <div> Dimension( Main Body ) :104.70 x 43.80 x 30.30mm</div> <div> Original / Genuine : Yes</div> <div> Note: Note:Pin1 Pin3=+12V, Pin2 Pin4=GND</div> <div> Package Include:</div> <div> &nbsp;1 x AC Adapter</div> <div> 1 x Power Cord You Selected.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <strong>Compatible AC Adapters:</strong></div> <div> 1LB4U11B0300,JS-12034-2E</div> <div> &nbsp;</div> <div> <div> <strong>Compatible Laptop Models:</strong></div> <div> SANYO: CLT1554, CLT1554 LCD MONITOR.</div> </div> <p> &nbsp;</p> </div>
Laptop Battery Tips

All of our laptop batteries were certified by CE, UL, ROHS, and ISO9001/9002 to ensure high quality and standards, You can buy with confidence!

We mainly sell original notebook batteries. Our laptop batteries have been rigorously tested for reliability and safety to ensure high quality and standards.The laptop batteries have a much Longer lasting life and Longer standby time.It is 100% compatible with your laptop! We guarantee our laptop batteries for 1 year and we offer a 30 day money-back refund on every notebook battery we sell.

How to Choose Correct Battery?

The shape of the laptop battery and the location of the connection must be the same as your original battery.
Your battery part number or laptop model is listed on the compatibility list before purchasing.
10.8v and 11.1 are compatible
14.4v and 14.8v are compatible
The 10.8v(=11.1v) and 14.4v(=14.8v) are the different voltages. They are not compatible. Please ensure you choose the right battery for your laptop.
You also can send a picture of your old battery to us and we can help you to choose it.

How to choose correct battery
FAQ for Battery

Q: How long is the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh life?
A: Our dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh was tested and checked well before shipment. Under normal using condition, the life of the lithium battery is about 800-1000 times of cycles, and the average use time is 5 to 8 years.

Q: How do I purchase dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh?
You can use our search tool at the top of the website. Search by laptop model or battery part number to see if we have the right match for you. If not,you can contact our online support,we can find one for you.

Q: What if the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh cannot be charged?
A:1. Check the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh to see if the circuit is loose or not firmly connected.
2. If the circuit is normal, check whether the circuit board of the battery charger is broken, replace it and try again.
3. If the circuit is normal and the charger is good, it may be the fault of the circuit board inside the computer.
4. Generally speaking, the battery will be aged after about 3 years of use, even lithium batteries. You can go to the maintenance shop to check.
5. Generally, the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh needs to be charged when it is used for about 20%. Don’t wait until the power is zero, which will cause too much damage to the battery.

Q: How to check the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh health of the laptop in the Windows 10 system?
Open the command prompt.
Method 1: Shortcut key win+X, then press C directly
Method 2: shortcut win+R, then type cmd to enter
At the command prompt, enter the command: powercfg /battery report
Then , the system automatically generated a battery usage report, basically 1 second to solve the problem.
Copy the address of the dell c4k9v pkh18 0wv7g0 55wh usage report directory, then use Win+E to open Explorer, paste the address you just copied in the address bar, enter and open the file with a browser, then you can view the battery status.


30-Days Money Back Guarantee
We promise that if you are not satisfied with the laptop battery that you ordered, you can return the laptop battery and we will refund the amount you spent on the purchase within 30 days.

One-Year Warranty
We are confident of our laptop battery and offer one year warranty on the laptop battery.

100% Security Payment
For the security of your account, our payment methods are safe and trustworthy. We protect every client’s privacy, so please buy with confidence!



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