Q: How do I place an order?
A: Go to and click on a product you like, then add to cart. Follow the easy checkout process, and pay by Paypal and then we will get your products soon!

Q: Do I have to become a member to place an order?
A: You don’t need to be a member to place an order, but it would be a good idea! It allows us to contact you if there is a problem with your order, and it allows you to view your order status online. Best of all, becoming a member is free, easy and quick. Just click here to create your account.

Q: Is your site secure?
A: Yes, all private credit card information is encrypted across a secure line.

Q: Can I return my purchase?
A: Please visit our returns page for details on our returns and exchange policies. Before shipping your return, please contact us for a ticket number and the proper return address.

Q: When will I get my order?
A: Generally all orders are shipped within 24 – 48 hours of completing purchase. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number for your package. Standard Free Shipping normally need 10-15 days to most countries.Expedited Shipping takes 3-6 days except some remote area.

Q: Why doesn’t my tracking number work?
A: Please wait 1-3 days from the time your order is processed so that the tracking number can be validated by the carrier. If your tracking number doesn’t work after the specified time, please contact us so we can assist you.


Q: Where do you ship to?
A: We ship WORLDWIDE! Of course International rates do apply. Please be aware of any Customs/Taxes/Vat duties upon placing your order.


Q: What about Customs/Taxes/Duties or VAT?

A: doesn’t collect Customs fees, duties, or VAT for orders shipped to destinations. The recipient is responsible for these fees which are determined by the destination country’s specific regulations.


Q:How Does Your Price Match Guarantee Work?

A: Shop with confidence. We always strive to maintain competitive prices on everything we carry and we will match the regular retail prices at the time of sale for items shipped from and sold by other online retailers. If there is an additional charge for shipping then this must be factored in since we offer free shipping. Also, if we lower the price during the return and exchange period, we will match our lower price, upon request.


There are some online sales channels that we will not match. We can not match sellers that sell closeouts, discontinued products, seconds, used goods, old inventory, or counterfeit merchandise.


Q:Are your batteries old or refurbished? What is the meaning of “Third Party”?

A: Most of our batteries are brand new third party products. Brand new means new case and new cells. Third party means they are not original batteries, but we fully guarantee our batteries meet or exceed OEM specifications, since our batteries also use Grade A cells and some items have more capacity than original ones.

Q:How to care and use battery?

A: Your new battery comes in a discharged condition and must be charged before use. Upon initial use (or after prolonged storage period) the battery may require two to three charge/discharge cycles before achieving maximum capacity.

If the battery is not going to be used for more than a month, it is recommended that it be removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place.

It is normal for a battery to become warm during charging and discharging.

A charged battery will eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period.

What should I pay attention to?

Q:Do not short-circuit a battery. A short-circuit may cause damage to the battery.

A: Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosive.

Do not expose the battery to moisture or rain.

Keep battery away from fire or other sources of extreme heat. Do not incinerate. Exposure of batteries to extreme heat may result in an explosion.

Ni-Cad batteries suffer from what’s called the “memory effect” This means that if a battery is continually only partially discharged before re-charging, the battery “forgets” that is has the capacity to further discharge all the way down. To illustrate: If you, on a regular basis, fully charge your battery and then use only 50% of its capacity before the next recharge, eventually the battery will become unaware of it’s extra 50% capacity which has remained unused. Your battery will remain functional, but only at 50% of its original capacity. The way to avoid the dreaded “memory effect” is to fully cycle (fully charge and then fully discharge) your battery at least once every month. Batteries can be discharged by unplugging the device’s AC adapter and letting the device run on the battery until it ceases to function. This will ensure your battery remains healthy. Ni-Mh and Li-Ion batteries do not suffer the memory effect.