Input: 100-240V~ 1.5A,50-60HZ
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 3.42A
Adapter Power: 65W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5×2.5mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :249g
Dimension( Main Body ) :106.50 x 47.40 x 30.50mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Note: Not Brand New, 100% genuine, test OK.
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected. 
Compatible AC Adapters:
0309A18120,0335A1965,0335C2065,0950-3979,101094,101953,102665 AC Adapter103310 AC Adapter103316 AC Adapter103325 AC Adapter103326 AC Adapter103905 AC Adapter103907 AC Adapter12-00118-30 AC Adapter1533208 AC Adapter1533516 AC Adapter177624-B21 AC Adapter180675-001 AC Adapter200-UNPS2 AC Adapter206-57001 AC Adapter208179-001 AC Adapter208190-001 AC Adapter213563-001 AC Adapter217931-001 AC Adapter233399-001 AC Adapter25 AC Adapter25.10046.131 AC Adapter25.10046.151 AC Adapter25.10052.001 AC Adapter2521756 AC Adapter2521974 AC Adapter261873-001 AC Adapter293700-003 AC Adapter293720-003 AC Adapter293787-001 AC Adapter293825-001 AC Adapter293831-001 AC Adapter298237-001 AC Adapter298238-001 AC Adapter298239-001 AC Adapter30-49013-01 AC Adapter310-0457 AC Adapter45LT19A AC Adapter5542D AC Adapter55523 AC Adapter70NS19AR AC Adapter7102811A02N AC Adapter74632 AC Adapter76-010045-00 AC Adapter7832D AC Adapter875692-010A AC Adapter90-N55PW1000 AC Adapter90-N6APW2000 AC Adapter91-58616 AC Adapter9803981-0001 AC AdapterA000001200 AC AdapterA000001210 AC AdapterA000007020 AC AdapterA000007030 AC AdapterA065R008L AC AdapterA1-L1-L84D-M1-M2A AC AdapterA1-PW-AC001 AC AdapterA882051 AC AdapterACA-2720 AC AdapterACBEL API2AD03 AC AdapterACC10 AC AdapterACD83-110114-7000 AC AdapterACD83-110114-7100 AC AdapterACE83-110101-4300 AC AdapterACE83-110114-7100 AC AdapterADP-45TB AC AdapterADP-60BB AC AdapterADP-60DB AC AdapterADP-65DB AC AdapterADP-65HB AC AdapterADP-65SH D AC AdapterADP-75FB-A AC AdapterADP-9510-19A AC AdapterADT-W61 AC AdapterALP-AJAX C3 AC AdapterAP.T3503.002 AC AdapterAPI-7595 AC AdapterAPI-7629 AC AdapterAPI1AD43 AC AdapterCNF 401 AC AdapterCP045013-01 AC AdapterD4040A AC AdapterEA1060B AC AdapterEA1060B-53 AC AdapterF1454A#ABA AC AdapterF1454A-ABA AC AdapterF1650 AC AdapterF1670C AC AdapterF1700B AC AdapterF1718A AC AdapterF1781A#ABA AC AdapterF19603J AC AdapterF1960I AC AdapterF1960J AC AdapterF4600-60901 AC AdapterF4600A#ABA AC AdapterF600-60901 AC AdapterFR-PCPDJ-BW AC AdapterK000000550 AC AdapterK000004120 AC AdapterK000005050 AC AdapterK000019570 AC AdapterK000025320 AC AdapterK000027270 AC AdapterK000029300 AC AdapterK000032420 AC AdapterK000032580 AC AdapterK000040250 AC AdapterK000040270 AC AdapterK000040290 AC AdapterK000040460 AC AdapterK000041670 AC AdapterK000042840 AC AdapterK000043680 AC AdapterK0080 AC AdapterLC-ADT01-003 AC AdapterLC-T2801-006 AC AdapterLC.ADT01.001 AC AdapterLC.ADT01.003 AC AdapterLC.T2801.006 AC AdapterPA-1480-19Q AC AdapterPA-1500-02 AC AdapterPA-1600-01 AC AdapterPA-1600-02 AC AdapterPA-1650-01 AC AdapterPA-1650-02 AC AdapterPA-1700-02 AC AdapterPA-1750-01 AC AdapterPA-1750-04 AC AdapterPA-3714U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3165U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3380E-1ACA AC AdapterPA3380U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3396E-1ACA AC AdapterPA3396U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3432E-1AC3 AC AdapterPA3432E-1ACA AC AdapterPA3432U-1AC3 AC AdapterPA3432U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3467 AC AdapterPA3467E AC AdapterPA3467E-1AC3 AC AdapterPA3467E-1ACA AC AdapterPA3467U AC AdapterPA3467U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3468E AC AdapterPA3468E-1ACA AC AdapterPA3468U AC AdapterPA3468U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3714E-1AC3 AC AdapterPA3714U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3868U-1ACA AC AdapterPA3917U-1ACA AC AdapterPAACA036 AC AdapterSADP-65KB AC AdapterSADP-65KB A AC AdapterSADP-65KB B AC AdapterSADP-65KBB AC AdapterSADP-65NB BB AC AdapterV000055210 AC AdapterV000055400 AC AdapterV000061300 AC AdapterV000061310 AC AdapterV000061690 AC Adapter
Compatible Laptop Models:
Toshiba SATELLITE A135 SERIES: Satellite A135-S4517, Satellite A135-S4527, Satellite A135-S4656, Satellite A135-S4677, Satellite A135-S4827, Satellite A135-SP4016, Satellite A135, Satellite A135-SP4036, Satellite A135-SP4048, Satellite A135-SP4088, Satellite A135-SP4108, Satellite A135-SP4156
SATELLITE A80 SERIES: Satellite A80-129, , Satellite A80-140, Satellite A80-142, Satellite A80-144, Satellite A80-154, Satellite A80-168, Satellite A80-169, Satellite A80, Satellite A80-116, Satellite A80-117, Satellite A80-121, Satellite A80-122 
SATELLITE A85 SERIES: Satellite A85, Satellite A85-S107, Satellite A85-S1071, Satellite A85-S1072
SATELLITE L10 SERIES: Satellite L10-107, Satellite L10-108, Satellite L10-113, Satellite L10-114, Satellite L10-132, Satellite L10-144, Satellite L10-146, Satellite L10, Satellite L10-100, Satellite L10-101, Satellite L10-103 
SATELLITE L15 SERIES: Satellite L15, Satellite L15-S1041 
SATELLITE L20 SERIES: Satellite L20-205, Satellite L20-217, Satellite L20-228, Satellite L20-256, Satellite L20-257, Satellite L20-260, Satellite L20-267, Satellite L20-268, Satellite L20-C430, Satellite L20-P430, Satellite L20, Satellite L20-P440, Satellite L20-100, Satellite L20-S310TD, Satellite L20-101, Satellite L20-102, Satellite L20-112, Satellite L20-118, Satellite L20-120, Satellite L20-121, Satellite L20-135, Satellite L20-149, Satellite L20-153, Satellite L20-155, Satellite L20-157, Satellite L20-159, Satellite L20-173, Satellite L20-181, Satellite L20-182, Satellite L20-183, Satellite L20-188, Satellite L20-196, Satellite L20-199, Satellite L20-200, Satellite L20-204 
SATELLITE L25 SERIES: Satellite L25, , Satellite L25-S119, Satellite L25-S1192, Satellite L25-S1193, Satellite L25-S1194, Satellite L25-S1195, Satellite L25-S1196, Satellite L25-S121, Satellite L25-S1215, Satellite L25-S1216, Satellite L25-S1217, Satellite L25-SP139
SATELLITE L35 SERIES: Satellite L35, , Satellite L35-S2316, Satellite L35-S2366 
SATELLITE L40 SERIES: Satellite L40, , Satellite L40-139
SATELLITE M30X SERIES: Satellite M30X-115, Satellite M30X-122, Satellite M30X-124, Satellite M30X-127, Satellite M30X-129, Satellite M30X-134, Satellite M30X-143, Satellite M30X-148, Satellite M30X-150, Satellite M30X-154, Satellite M30X-156, Satellite M30X-1592ST, Satellite M30X-1593ST, Satellite M30X-163, Satellite M30X-165, Satellite M30X-168, Satellite M30X-S1592ST, Satellite M30X-S1593ST, Satellite M30X-S171ST, Satellite M30X-S181ST, Satellite M30X-104, Satellite M30X-105, Satellite M30X-111
SATELLITE M35X SERIES: Satellite M35X-S1491, , Satellite M35X-S161, Satellite M35X-S1611, Satellite M35X-S309, Satellite M35X-S311, Satellite M35X-S329, SATELLITE M35X-S1141, SATELLITE M35X-S1142, SATELLITE M35X-S1143, SATELLITE M35X-149, Satellite M35X, SATELLITE M35X-S1631, Satellite M35X-S109, SATELLITE M35X-S3111, Satellite M35X-S111, SATELLITE M35X-S3112, Satellite M35X-S114, SATELLITE M35X-S3291, Satellite M35X-S1492, SATELLITE M35X-S349, Satellite M35X-S163, SATELLITE M35X-S3491, SATELLITE M35X-SP114, SATELLITE M35X-SP161, SATELLITE M35X-SP171, SATELLITE M35X-SP181, SATELLITE M35X-SP311
SATELLITE M40X SERIES: Satellite M40-S312TD, Satellite M40X 
SATELLITE M45X SERIES: Satellite M45-S165X, Satellite M45-S169X 
SATELLITE M55X SERIES: Satellite M55-S141,  Satellite M55-S139, Satellite M55-S139X 
SATELLITE PRO SERIES: Satellite Pro 3000, , Satellite Pro L10, Satellite Pro L20, Satellite Pro L40-12Q, Satellite Pro L40-12R, Satellite Pro L40-12S, Satellite Pro L40-12T, Satellite L40-10X, Satellite L40-12W
TOSHIBA: SATELLITE L550, , Satellite A205-S4647, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite A85-S1072, Satellite L20-S310, Satellite L35-S2366, Satellite L30-142, DYNABOOK AX/55A, Satellite M105-S1021, DYNABOOK R631/D, Satellite M30X-SP111, DYNABOOK R731/W2MD, Satellite M35X-SP311, DYNABOOK T350/34BW, Satellite A200-1AA, Satellite P205-S6347, SATALLITE C640, Satellite A205-S4707, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite A85-SP107, Satellite L20-S310TD, SATELLITE L450, Satellite L35, DYNABOOK AX/55C, Satellite M105-S1031, DYNABOOK R644, Satellite M30X-SP114, DYNABOOK R731/W2PB, Satellite M35X-SP349, DYNABOOK T350/46BB, Satellite A200-1AB, Satellite P205-S6348, Satellite A205-S4777, Satellite 1675CDS, Satellite A85-SP1072, Satellite L20-SP119, SATELLITE C660, Satellite L35-S1054, DYNABOOK AX/55D, Satellite M105-S1041, DYNABOOK R654, Satellite M35X, DYNABOOK R731/W2PD, M40-S312TD, DYNABOOK T350/46BR, Satellite A200-1AE, Satellite P205-S7469, Satellite A205-S4797, Satellite 1695CDT, Satellite L10-100, Satellite L20-SP131, SATELLITE L300, Satellite L35-S2151, DYNABOOK AX/57A, Satellite M105-S10xx, DYNABOOK R730/26A, Satellite M35X-114, DYNABOOK R731/W2TB, Satellite M45-S165, DYNABOOK T350/46BW, Satellite A200-1Ai, Satellite P205-S7476 Satellite U305, Satellite A205-S7456, Satellite 1715XCDS, Satellite L10-101, Satellite L20-SP231, C650, Satellite L35-S2161, DYNABOOK AX/630LL, Satellite M105-SP1011, DYNABOOK R730/27A, Satellite M35X-149, DYNABOOK R731/W2TC, Satellite M45-S1651, DYNABOOK T350/56BB, Satellite A200-1BP, Satellite U305-S5077, Satellite A205-SP4038, Satellite 1730-S101, Satellite L10-104, Satellite P205-S6237, L305, Satellite L35-S2171, DYNABOOK AX/650LS, Satellite M105-SP1021, DYNABOOK R730/38A, Satellite M35X-S109, DYNABOOK R731/W2TD, Satellite M45-S165X, DYNABOOK T350/56BR, Satellite A200-1BW, Satellite U305-S5087, Satellite A205-SP4068, Satellite 1735-S101, Satellite L10-105, Satellite L25, L355-S7831, Satellite L35-S2174, DYNABOOK AX/730LS, Satellite M105-SP1031, DYNABOOK R730/39A, Satellite M35X-S111, DYNABOOK R731/W2UB, Satellite M45-S169, DYNABOOK T350/56BW, Satellite A200-1CC, Satellite U305-S5097, Satellite A215-S4697, Satellite 1750-S202, Satellite L10-130, Satellite L25-S119, A665-S6050, Satellite L35-S2194, DYNABOOK AX/740LS, Satellite M105-SP1041, DYNABOOK R730/B, Satellite M35X-S114, DYNABOOK R731/W4UC, Satellite M45-S1691 M55-S1001, DYNABOOK TV/68KBL, Satellite A200-1CR, Satellite U305-S5107, Satellite A215-S4717, Satellite 1755-S202, Satellite L10-154, Satellite L25-S1192, Satellite L35-S2316, DYNABOOK AX/745LS, Satellite M115-S1061, DYNABOOK R731/16B, Satellite M35X-S1141, DYNABOOK R731/W4UD, Satellite M55-S139, DYNABOOK TV/74MBL, Satellite A200-1DA, Satellite U305-S5117, Satellite A215-S4737, Satellite 000-S304, Satellite L10-190, Satellite L25-S1193, Satellite L35-SP1011, DYNABOOK AX/840LS, Satellite M115-S1064, DYNABOOK R731/16C, Satellite M35X-S1142, DYNABOOK R732/36FB, Satellite M55-S1391, DYNABOOK TW/750LS, Satellite A200-1DN, Satellite U305-S5127, Satellite A215-S4747, Satellite 3000-S307, Satellite L10-194, Satellite L25-S1194, Satellite L35-SP2011, DYNABOOK AX/940LS, Satellite M115-S1071, DYNABOOK R731/16DB, Satellite M35X-S1143, DYNABOOK R732/36FK, Satellite M55-S139X, DYNABOOK TX/65C, Satellite A200-1DQ, Satellite U305-S7432, Satellite A215-S4757, Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite L10-226, Satellite L25-S1195, Satellite L35-SP2031, DYNABOOK CW1, Satellite M115-S1074, DYNABOOK R731/36B, Satellite M35X-S149, DYNABOOK R732/38FB, Satellite M55-S141, DYNABOOK TX/65D, Satellite A200-1FJ, Satellite U305-S7446, Satellite A215-S4767, Satellite 3005-S303, Satellite L10-272, Satellite L25-S1196, Satellite L35-SP2041, DYNABOOK CX/45C, Satellite M200-ST2002, DYNABOOK R731/36C, Satellite M35X-S1491, DYNABOOK R732/38FK, Satellite M60-S811, DYNABOOK TX/65KWH, Satellite A200-1G6, Satellite U305-S7448, Satellite A215-S4807, Satellite 3005-S304, Satellite L10-SP104, Satellite L25-S121, Satellite L35-SP2051, DYNABOOK CX/45D, Satellite M205-S3207, DYNABOOK R731/36CB, Satellite M35X-S1492, DYNABOOK R732/39FB, Satellite M60-S8112, DYNABOOK TX/66C, Satellite A200-1GD, Satellite U305-S7467, Satellite A215-S4817, Satellite 3005-S307, Satellite L15, Satellite L25-S1212, Satellite L35-SP2071, DYNABOOK CX/47C, Satellite M205-S3217, DYNABOOK R731/36DB, Satellite M35X-S161, DYNABOOK R732/39FK, Satellite A200-10W, Satellite M60-S9093, DYNABOOK TX/66D, Satellite A200-1HU, Satellite U305-S7477, Satellite U305-SP5017, Satellite A215-S48171, Satellite 3005-S308, Satellite L15-S104, Satellite L25-S1213, Satellite L35-SP4016, DYNABOOK CX/47D, Satellite M205-S7452, DYNABOOK R731/36DK, Satellite M35X-S1611, DYNABOOK R741/B, Satellite A200-10X, Satellite M65-S8092, DYNABOOK TX/66KBL, Satellite A200-1M7, Satellite U305-SP5028, Satellite A215-S7407, Satellite 3005-S403, Satellite L15-S1041, Satellite L25-S1215, Satellite L35-SP4068, DYNABOOK CX/47J, Satellite M205-S7453, DYNABOOK R731/37B, Satellite M35X-S163, DYNABOOK R741/C, Satellite A200-10Z, Satellite M65-S821, DYNABOOK TX/66KPK, Satellite A200-ST2041, Satellite U305-SP5037, Satellite A215-S7408, Satellite 1135-S1552, Satellite L15-SP104, Satellite L25-S1216, Satellite L35-SP4086, DYNABOOK CX/825LL, Satellite M30X, DYNABOOK R731/37C, Satellite M35X-S1631, DYNABOOK R741/D, Satellite A200-11C, Satellite M65-S8211, DYNABOOK TX/66KWH, Satellite A200-ST2043, Tecra L2-S011, Satellite A215-S7414, Dynabook SS 425, Satellite L15-SP1041, Satellite L25-S1217, Satellite L35-SP4096, DYNABOOK CX/835LS, Satellite M30X-1593, DYNABOOK R731/37DB, Satellite M35X-S309, DYNABOOK R742/F, Satellite A200-12F, Satellite M65-S9065, DYNABOOK TX/745LS, Satellite A205, Tecra L2-S022, Satellite A215-S7418, Satellite L20-101, Satellite L25-SP121, DYNABOOK DB47K/2CA, Satellite L35-SP4116, DYNABOOK CX/925LL, Satellite M30X-214, DYNABOOK R731/37DK, Satellite M35X-S3091, DYNABOOK R751/B, Satellite A200-13L, Satellite M65-SP811, DYNABOOK TX/760LS, Satellite A205-S4537, Satellite 1000-S157, Satellite A215-S7421, Satellite L20-112, Satellite L25-SP129, DYNABOOK DB47K/4RA, L45-S2416, DYNABOOK CX/935LS, Satellite M30X-40, DYNABOOK R731/38C, Satellite M35X-S311, DYNABOOK R751/C, Satellite A200-13O, Satellite P205D-S7429, DYNABOOK TX/770LS, Satellite A205-S4557, Satellite 1000-S158, Satellite A215-S7422, Satellite L20-118, Satellite L25-SP139, NB100NB100/H, Satellite L45-S4687, DYNABOOK EX/55KBL, Satellite M30X-60, DYNABOOK R731/38DB, Satellite M35X-S3111, DYNABOOK R751/D, Satellite A200-13R, Satellite P205D-S7438, DYNABOOK TX/850LS, Satellite A205-S4567, Satellite 1005-S157, Satellite A215-S7427, Satellite L20-120, Satellite L25-SP141, NB100/HF, Satellite L45-S7409, DYNABOOK EX/56MBL, Satellite M30X-80, DYNABOOK R731/38DK, Satellite M35X-S3112, DYNABOOK R752/F, Satellite A200-13T, Satellite P205D-S7439, DYNABOOK TX/860LS, Satellite A205-S4577, Satellite A205-S4578, Satellite 1005-S158, Satellite A215-S7433, Satellite L20-121, Satellite L25-SP151, NB100, Satellite L45-S7419, DYNABOOK MX/33KBL, Satellite M30X-S114, DYNABOOK R731/39B, Satellite M35X-S329, DYNABOOK RX3 SN240Y/3HD, Satellite A200-13U, Satellite P205D-S7454, DYNABOOK TX/960LS, Satellite A205-S4587, Satellite 1110-SP153, Satellite A215-S7437, Satellite L20-135, Satellite L30, HFWNB100/HW, Satellite L45-S7423, DYNABOOK MX/33KRD, Satellite M30X-S1592, DYNABOOK R731/B, Satellite M35X-S3291, DYNABOOK SS N1/260CCME, Satellite A200-14D, Satellite P205-S6247, DYNABOOK V8/513LMEW, Satellite A205-S4597, Satellite 1115-S107, Satellite A215-S7444, Satellite L20-155, Satellite L30-10P, DYNABOOK AW4, Satellite L45-S7424, DYNABOOK MX/43KWH, Satellite M30X-S1593, DYNABOOK R731/C, Satellite M35X-S349, DYNABOOK SATELLITE AW4, Satellite A200-14E, Satellite P205-S6257, PORTEGE R830, Satellite A205-S4607, Satellite 1115-SP153, Satellite A215-S7447, Satellite L20-157, Satellite L30-114, DYNABOOK AX/530LL, Satellite L45-SP2036, DYNABOOK PX/810LS, Satellite M30X-S171, DYNABOOK R731/D, Satellite M35X-S3491, DYNABOOK SATELLITE CW11TCYNA1L, Satellite A200-180, Satellite P205-S6267, Satellite A205-S4617, Satellite 1135-S1551, Satellite A215-S7462, Satellite L20-159, Satellite L30-115, DYNABOOK AX/53C, Satellite L45-SP2046, DYNABOOK PX/820LL, Satellite M30X-S181, DYNABOOK R731/W2JB, Satellite M35X-SP111, DYNABOOK SATELLITE P10 150C/5, Satellite A200-18T, Satellite P205-S6287, SATELLITE PRO L850-1DT, Satellite A205-S4618, Satellite 1135-S1553, Satellite A215-SP401, Satellite L20-173, Satellite L30-11E, DYNABOOK AX/53D, Satellite L45-SP2056, DYNABOOK PX100, Satellite M30X-S191, DYNABOOK R731/W2JC, Satellite M35X-SP114, DYNABOOK SATELLITE P10 150C/C5, Satellite A200-19I, Satellite P205-S6297, SATELLITE L500-1EG, TECRA R700, Satellite A205-S4629, Satellite 1135-S1554, Satellite A80-S178, Satellite L20-188, Satellite L30-11H, DYNABOOK AX/54C, Satellite L45-SP2066, DYNABOOK PX200, Satellite M30X-S214, DYNABOOK R731/W2JD, Satellite M35X-SP161, DYNABOOK SATELLITE TXW/66CW, Satellite A200-19K, Satellite P205-S6298, C50-A-19T, Satellite A205-S4638, Satellite 1200-S121, Satellite A85-S107, Satellite L20-205, Satellite L30-134, DYNABOOK AX/54D, Satellite L45-SP4016, DYNABOOK PX250, Satellite M30X-S221, DYNABOOK R731/W2MB, Satellite M35X-SP171, DYNABOOK SATELLITE TXW/66DW, Satellite A200-19M, Satellite P205-S6307, SATALITE C850, Satellite A205-S4639, Satellite 1200-S122, Satellite A85-S1071, Satellite L20-256, Satellite M65-SP959, Satellite L30-140, DYNABOOK AX/550LS, Satellite M105-S1011, DYNABOOK R631/28D, Satellite M30X-s234, DYNABOOK R731/W2MC, Satellite M35X-SP181, DYNABOOK T350/34BR, Satellite A200-1A9, Satellite P205-S6337 
TOSHIBA EQUIUM L20 SERIES: Equium L20, , Equium L20-198, Equium L20-264
TOSHIBA EQUIUM L40 SERIES: Equium L40, , Equium L40-10U 
TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1000 SERIES: Satellite 1005-S158, , Satellite 1000, Satellite 1000-S157, Satellite 1000-S158, Satellite 1000-Z2, Satellite 1005, Satellite 1005-S157 
TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1200 SERIES: Satellite 1200, , Satellite 1200-S252 
TOSHIBA SATELLITE 1600 SERIES: Satellite 1600, , Satellite 1605, Satellite 1605CDS, Satellite 1620CDS, Satellite 1625CDT, Satellite 1640CDT, Satellite 1670CDS, Satellite 1675, Satellite 1675CDS, Satellite 1690CDT, Satellite 1695, Satellite 1695CDT
TOSHIBA SATELLITE 3000 SERIES: Satellite 3000, , Satellite 3000-S303, Satellite 3000-S304, Satellite 3000-S353, Satellite 3000-S514, Satellite 3005, Satellite 3005-S303, Satellite 3005-S304, Satellite 3005-S307, Satellite 3005-S309, Satellite 3005-S403, Satellite 3005-S504
TOSHIBA SATELLITE A100 SERIES: Satellite A100-151, , Satellite A100-188, Satellite A100-209, Satellite A100-295, Satellite A100-500, Satellite A100-507, Satellite A100-508, Satellite A100-525, Satellite A100-533, Satellite A100-649, Satellite A100-S2211, Satellite A100-S2211TD, Satellite A100-S3211TD, Satellite A100-S8111, Satellite A100-S8111TD, Satellite A100-SP2022, Satellite A100-SP621, Satellite A100-ST2311, Satellite A100-ST3211
TOSHIBA SATELLITE A105 SERIES: Satellite A105-S2021, , Satellite A105-S2031, Satellite A105-S2051, Satellite A105-S2061, Satellite A105-S2071, Satellite A105-S2081, Satellite A105-S2091, Satellite A105-S2101, Satellite A105-S2111, Satellite A105-S2121, Satellite A105-S2131, Satellite A105-S2141, Satellite A105-S2194, Satellite A105-S2201, Satellite A105-S2204, Satellite A105-S2231, Satellite A105-S2236, Satellite A105-S271, Satellite A105-S2712, Satellite A105-S2713, Satellite A105-S2716, Satellite A105, Satellite A105-S2717, Satellite A105-S101, Satellite A105-S2719, Satellite A105-S1012, Satellite A105-S271X, Satellite A105-S1013, Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S1014, Satellite A105-S3611, Satellite A105-S101X, Satellite A105-S361X, Satellite A105-S171, Satellite A105-SP2012, Satellite A105-S1712, Satellite A105-SP461, Satellite A105-S171x, Satellite A105-S2001, Satellite A105-S2011
TOSHIBA SATELLITE A110 SERIES: Satellite A110-203, , Satellite A110-260, Satellite A110-289, Satellite A110-339, Satellite A110-370, Satellite A110-101, Satellite A110-177, Satellite A110-178
TOSHIBA SATELLITE A130 SERIES: Satellite A130, , Satellite A130-ST1311, Satellite A130-ST1313
TOSHIBA SATELLITE A135 SERIES: Satellite A135-S4488, , Satellite A135-S4499, Satellite A135-S2246, Satellite A135-S2256, Satellite A135-SP4058, Satellite A135-S2266, Satellite A135-S2276, Satellite A135-S2286, Satellite A135-S2296, Satellite A135-S2306, Satellite A135-S2326, Satellite A135-S2346, Satellite A135-S2356, Satellite A135-S2376, Satellite A135-S2386, Satellite A135-S2396, Satellite A135-S4407, Satellite A135-S4417, Satellite A135-S4427, Satellite A135-S4437, Satellite A135-S4447, Satellite A135-S4457, Satellite A135-S4467, Satellite A135-S4477, Satellite A135-S4478, Satellite A135-S4487
TOSHIBA SATELLITE SERIES: C55-A5135, , C55-A5140, C55-A5105, C55-A5310, C55-A5384, P50T, P55, P55T, P840T, P845T, S40.


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