Input: 100-240~1.0A 50-60Hz
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 2.1A
Adapter Power: 40W
Adapter Plug Size: 3.0×1.0mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :192g
Dimension( Main Body ) :94.60 x 65.10 x 17.30mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected.
Compatible AC Adapters:
AA-PA2N40L,AA-PA2N40S,AA-PA3NS40/US ,AD-4019P,AD-4019SL,AD-4019W,ADP-4019W,BA44-00272A,BA44-00278A,BA44-00279A,PA-1400-14,PA-1400-24,PA3NS40
Compatible Laptop Models:
SAMSUNG: NP099X3C, NP900X4D-A04UK, NP900X3C-A03SG, NP900X3C-A01AU, NP909X4C, NP900X3E-A02SE, NP900X3C-A05UK, 900X NOTEBOOK, N900X, NP900X4C, NT900X4B, NP900X4C-A05AU, NP900X3C-A03AU, NP900X4C-A02SE, NP900X4C-A01AU, NP900X3D A04US, NP900X 4C, PN900-X4C, 
SAMSUNG SERIES 9 NOTEBOOK: NP900X4C-A02US, , NP900X4B-A02US, NP900X3C-A04US, NP900X3C-A05US, NP900X4D-A03US, NP900X4D-A04US, NP900X4C-A03US, NP900X4D-A05US, NP900X3D-A03US, NP900X3C-A02US, NP900X3B-A01US, NP900X3C-A03US, NP530U3C, NP900X4C-A04US, NP900X3D-A02US, NP900X3A-B03US, NP900X4C, NP900X4D, NP900X3E, NP900X3B-A02US, NP900X1B, NP900X1B-A01US, NP900X3A, NP900X4D-A01US, NP900X4D-A02US, NP900X4D-MS1US, NP900X4D-A01IT, NP900X4C-A06US, NP900X3C-A01US, NP900X4C-A07US, NP900X3C-MS1US, NP900X4C-A01US, NP900X3D-A01US, NP900X4C-A05US.


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