Input: 200-240V~ 50-60Hz 100mA
Adapter Output Voltage: 6.5V
Adapter Output Current: 0.5A
Adapter Power: 3.25W
Adapter Plug Size: 4.8×1.7mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Note: Not New
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
Compatible AC Adapters:
Compatible Laptop Models:
PANASONIC: KX-TG6472, KX-TG6632B, KX-TG7635B, KX-TG9313, PNLC1001YAS KX-TGA931S, KX-TG32CN-1, KX-TG4322B, KX-TG6413B, KX-TG6473, KX-TG6633B, KX-TG7641B, KX-TG9321, PNLC1001YAS KX-TGA630S, KX-TG32CN-2, KX-TG4323B, KX-TG6414B, KX-TG6481, KX-TG6634B, KX-TG7642B, KX-TG9322, PNLC1010ZB KX-TGA401B, KX-TG33CN-1, KX-TG4324B, KX-TG6411T, KX-TG6511B, KX-TG6635B, KX-TG7643B, KX-TG9323, PNLC1010ZN KX-TGA402N, KX-TG33CN-2, KX-TG4731B, KX-TG6412T, KX-TG6512B, KX-TG6641B, KX-TG7644B, KX-TG9332T, PNLC1010ZB KX-TGA651B, KX-TG53CN-1, KX-TG4732B, KX-TG6413T, KX-TG6513B, KX-TG6642B, KX-TG7645B, KX-TG9333T, PNLC1010ZT KX-TGA651T, KX-TG53CN-2, KX-TG4733B, KX-TG6414T, KX-TG6411M, KX-TG6521B, KX-TG6643B, KX-TG7731S, KX-TG9334T, PNLC1015ZT KX-TGA659T, KX-TG1032B, KX-TG4734B, KX-TG6412M, KX-TG6522B, KX-TG6644B, KX-TG7732S, KX-TG9331S, PNLC1012ZB KX-TGA750B, KX-TG1033B, KX-TG4741B, KX-TG6413M, KX-TG6523B, KX-TG6645B, KX-TG7733S, KX-TG9332S, TG1062M, PNLC1010ZB KX-MB2061, KX-TG1211B, KX-TG4742B, KX-TG6414M, KX-TG6524SK, KX-TG6700B, KX-TG7734S, KX-TG9333S, KX-TG1031S, PNLC1010YC KX-TG6572CS, KX-TG1061M, KX-TG4743B, KX-TG6421B, KX-TG6531B, KX-TG6702B, KX-TG7741S, KX-TG9334S, KX-TG1032S, PNLC1010YR KX-TG6572RS, KX-TG1062M, KX-TG4744B, KX-TG6422B, KX-TG6532B, KX-TG6841B, KX-TG7742S, KX-TG9341T, KX-TG1033S, KX-TG9383T, KX-TG1063M, KX-TG4745B, KX-TG6423B, KX-TG6533B, KX-TG6842B, KX-TG7743S, KX-TG9342T, KX-TG1031B, KX-TG9391T, KX-TG4011N, KX-TG4752B, KX-TG6424B, KX-TG6534B, KX-TG6843B, KX-TG7744S, KX-TG9343T, KX-TG70CN, KX-TG9392T, KX-TG4012N, KX-TG4753B, KX-TG6431B, KX-TG6541B, KX-TG6844B, KX-TG7745S, KX-TG9344T, KX-TG71CN, KX-TG9393T, KX-TG4013N, KX-TG4763B, KX-TG6432B, KX-TG6542B, KX-TG6845B, KX-TG7871S, KX-TG9341S, KX-TG10CN, KX-TG9471B, KX-TG4021N, KX-TG4771B, KX-TG6433B, KX-TG6543B, KX-TG7431B, KX-TG7782S, KX-TG9342S, KX-TG9331T, KX-TG9472B, KX-TG4022N, KX-TG4772B, KX-TG6434B, KX-TG6544B, KX-TG7432B, KX-TG7873S, KX-TG9343S, KX-TG9331T PHONE, KX-TG9473B, KX-TG4023N, KX-TG4773B, KX-TG6431T, KX-TG6545B, KX-TG7433B, KX-TG7874S, KX-TG9344S, KX-TG2511SAM, KX-TG9474B, KX-TG4023SK, KX-TGP500, KX-TG6432T, KX-TG6545SK, KX-TG7434B, KX-TG7875S, KX-TG9361B, KX-TG7220E, KX8209TG4021, KX-TG4024N, KX-TGP500 B61, KX-TG6433T, KX-TG6571C, KX-TG7531B, KX-TG8231B, KX-TG9362B, KX-TG2511SPW, KX-TG4025N, KX-TGP551, KX-TG6434T, KX-TG6572C, KX-TG7532B, KX-TG8232B, KX-TG9363B, KXTG6561ALT, KX-TG4031B, KX-TG5771, KX-TG6431M, KX-TG6571R, KX-TG7533B, KX-TG8233B, KX-TG9371B, KX-TG71CN-1, KX-TG4032B, KX-TG5772, KX-TG6432M, KX-TG6572R, KX-TG7621B, KX-TG8411, KX-TG9372B, KX-TG71CN-2, KX-TG4033B, KX-TG5776, KX-TG6433M, KX-TG6581T, KX-TG7622B, KX-G8411FXB, KX-TG9373B, KX-TG70CN-1, KX-TG4034B, KX-TG6311S, KX-TG6434M, KX-TG6582T, KX-TG7623B, KX-TG8411FXN, KX-TG9381T, KX-TG70CN-2, KX-TG4034N, KX-TG6312S, KX-TG6441T, KX-TG6583SK, KX-TG7624B, KX-TG8412FXB, KX-TG9382T, KX-TG10CN-1, KX-TG4053B, KX-TG6313S, KX-TG6442T, KX-TG6583T, KX-TG7625B, KX-TG8511, PQLV30053ZAS/B, KX-TG10CN-2, KX-TG4131N, KX-TG6321S, KX-TG6443T, KX-TG6591T, KX-TG7631B, KX-TG8512, KX-TGA101S/B, KX-TG80CN-1, KX-TG4132N, KX-TG6322S, KX-TG6444T, KX-TG6592T, KX-TG7632B, KX-TG8521, PQLV30056YAB KX-TGA820B, KX-TG80CN-2, KX-TG4133N, KX-TG6323S, KX-TG6445T, KX-TG6593T, KX-TG7633B, KX-TG9311, PNLC1008ZA KX-TGA641T, KX-TG12CN-1, KX-TG4134N, KX-TG6411B, KX-TG6471, KX-TG6631B, KX-TG7634B, KX-TG9312, PNLC1001YAT KX-TGA931T, KX-TG12CN-2, KX-TG4321B, KX-TG6412B.


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