Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz~1.1A
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 2.1A
Adapter Power: 40W
Adapter Plug Size: 6.5 x 4.0mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :180g
Dimension( Main Body ) :82.33 x 50.24 x 32.80mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
Compatible AC Adapters:
Compatible Laptop Models:
LG: E2240S-PN
LG LCD MONITOR: E2251VR, , E2260T, E2351VR, E2290V, E2351VRT, E2290T, E2251TT, E2360T, 27EA33, E2350T, D2343P, W2486L, IPS236V-PN, D2792P, IPS237L-BN, 23EA53R, 23EA63T, 23EA53T-P, D2743P, 23EA63V-P, 27EA63V, 23EA53J, 24EN33TW-B, 27EA73LM-P, CE2442T, CE2742V-BN, E1948SX, E2060T, E2242C, E2250T, E2249, W2286L, E1951S, E2242C-BN, E2051S, E2342T-BN, E2251S, E2251T-BN, E1951T, E2351T-BN, E2051T, IPS277L-BN, E2251T, 27EA33V, E2351T, E2391VR, E2251VQ, E2381VR, E2351VQ, IPS226V, 
LG LED MONITOR: 22MP48HQ, , 23MP48D, 23MP48HQ, 24MP48HQ, 22MP47A, 22MP47D, E1942S, 22MP47HQ, E2042S, 23MP47D, E2042T, 23MP47HQ, E2242S, 24MP47HQ, E2242T, 22MP55HQ, E2342T, 23MP55HQ, 22M35A, 22MP56HQ, 22M35D, 22MP57A, 24M35A, 22MP57D, 24M35D 22M37A, 22MP57HQ, 22M37D, 22MP57VQ, 22M37H, 23MP57A, 22M37HQ, 23MP57D, 24M37A, 23MP57H, 24M37D, 23MP57HQ, 24M37H, 23MP57VQ, 24M37HQ, 24MP57D, 22M45VQ, 24MP57HQ, 23M45VQ, 24MP57VQ, 24M45VQ, 24M47VQ, 22M45D, 23M45D, 24M45D, 22MP48A, 22MP48D.


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