Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 15.44V
Battery Capacity: 3627mAh
Battery Color: Black
Weight: 340g
Cells Amount: 4-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
Replace Part Number:
Lenovo 5B10Z37621,Lenovo L19C4PDD,Lenovo L19D4PDD,Lenovo L19M4PDD,Lenovo SB10Z37616,Lenovo SB10Z37619
Compatible Laptop Models:
ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL-20V9000JAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL20V9000JAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL-20V9000LAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL20V9000LAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL-20V9000MAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL20V9000MAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL-20V9000QAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL20V9000QAU, ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL-20V9000RAU,ThinkBook 13s G2 ITL20V9000RAU,ThinkBook 13s Gen 2, ThinkBook 13s-ITL-20V90003GE,ThinkBook 13sITL20V90003GE,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0002AU ,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0002AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0004AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0004AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0005AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0005AU ,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0006AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0006AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0008AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0008AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL-20VA0009AU,ThinkBook 14s G2 ITL20VA0009AU ,ThinkBook 13s G2-20V9000JAU,ThinkBook 13s G220V9000JAU,ThinkBook 13s G2-20V9000LAU,ThinkBook 13s G220V9000LAU,ThinkBook 13s G2-20V9000MAU,ThinkBook 13s G220V9000MAU,ThinkBook 13s G2-20V9000QAU,ThinkBook 13s G220V9000QAU,ThinkBook 13s G2-20V9000RAU,ThinkBook 13s G220V9000RAU,ThinkBook 14s G2,ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0002AU
,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0002AU,ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0004AU,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0004AU
ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0005AU,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0005AU,ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0006AU
,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0006AU,ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0008AU,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0008AU
ThinkBook 14s G2-20VA0009AU,ThinkBook 14s G220VA0009AU


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