Battery Rating: 10.95V
Battery Capacity: 2670mAh (31Wh)
Battery Cells: 3-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery color: Black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
807611-121, 807611-131, 807611-132, 807611-141, 807611-221, 807611-241, 807611-251, 807611-421, 807611-422, 807611-831, 807612-121, 807612-131, 807612-141, 807612-221, 807612-241, 807612-251, 807612-421, 807612-422, 807612-831, 807956-001, 807957-001, 843532-851, 843533-851, 844197-850, 852802-851, 853295-850, HS03, HS03031-CL, HS04, HS04041, HS04041-CL, HS04XL, HSTNN-DB7I, HSTNN-IB7A, HSTNN-LB6, HSTNN-LB6U, HSTNN-LB6V, HSTNN-PB6S, HSTNN-PB6T, LB6U, M2Q95AA, N2L85AA, TPN-C125, TPN-C126
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP Pavilion 15-AC154NG, Pavilion 15-AY100NA, Pavilion 15-ac168TU, 14-af113au, PAVILION 17-X106TX, PAVILION 15-AY003TU, PAVILION 15-AY091NG, Pavilion 15-AF022ND, Pavilion 15-BA016NW, Pavilion 14-AC108NE, 15-AY015DX, PAVILION 15-AY028TU, PAVILION 15-AY131NS, Pavilion 15-AY033TU, Pavilion 15-BA054, Pavilion 17-Y020CY, Pavilion 14-AM011TX, PAVILION 15-AY066UR, Pavilion 15-BA003UR, Pavilion 15-BG008AU, 14-ac006nx, Pavilion 15-AC007NU, PAVILION 15-AY109NK, Pavilion 15-BA032NL, Pavilion 17-X090NF, Pavilion 15-af087nw, Pavilion 15-AC105NQ, 15-ba014nv, PAVILION 15-AY505NA, Pavilion 15-BA095NA, PAVILION 14-AN016AU, Pavilion 14-AM086NIA, Pavilion 15-AC133NF, Pavilion 15-ac119TX, PAVILION 15-BE007TX, 250 G5-Z2X83ES, Pavilion 17-X001DS, PAVILION 15-AF105NL, Pavilion 15-AC040NO, Pavilion 15-AC614NL, Pavilion 15-af103AX, Pavilion 14-AC003NF, PAVILION 15-AY134NE, 250 G4-M9S91EA, PAVILION 14-AC155TU, PAVILION 15-AY016NK, Pavilion 15-AC119NT, Pavilion 15-AF123NL, Pavilion 15-ac041TU, Pavilion 14-AF106LA, PAVILION 15-AY589NG, 15-ba054ng, PAVILION 15-AC142NK, PAVILION 15-AY046NL, Pavilion 15-AC158NM, Pavilion 15-AY105NA, Pavilion 15-ac175TX, 15-AF012NR, PAVILION 17-X109NM, PAVILION 15-AY004NZ, Pavilion 15-AF030UR, Pavilion 15-BA018CY, Pavilion 14-AC111LA, 15-AY020LA, PAVILION 15-AY030CY, Pavilion 15-AY045TU, Pavilion 15-BA056, Pavilion 17-Y023NG, Pavilion 14-AM014NG, PAVILION 15-AY069ND, Pavilion 15-BA005DS, Pavilion 17-X024NZ, 14-ac108na, Pavilion 15-AC009NK, PAVILION 15-AY110NM, Pavilion 15-BA034CA, Pavilion 17-X098NF, Pavilion 15g-ad100, Pavilion 15-AC107NA, 15-ba033ng, PAVILION 15-AY508NG, Pavilion 15-BA099UR, PAVILION 14-AN026AU, Pavilion 14-AM096TU, Pavilion 15-AC135NE, Pavilion 15-ac122TX, PAVILION 15-AY096NL, PAVILION 15-BE015TX, 250 G5-Z3A01ES, Pavilion 17-X027NG, PAVILION 15-AF113LA, Pavilion 15-AC045UR, Pavilion 15-AC644UR, Pavilion 15-af110LA, Pavilion 14-AC006TU, PAVILION 15-AY142TU, 250 G4-P5R26ES, PAVILION 14-AF003AX, PAVILION 15-AY017NV, Pavilion 15-AC121NA, Pavilion 15-AF130UR, Pavilion 15-ac048TX, Pavilion 14-AF117LA, PAVILION 15-BA002NA, 14-am002ne, PAVILION 15-AC147NA, Pavilion 15-AC162NL, Pavilion 15-AY111TX, Pavilion 15-ac184TU, 15-AF074NR, PAVILION 17-X114CY, PAVILION 15-AY005TX, Pavilion 15-AF046NB, Pavilion 15-BA019NS, Pavilion 14-AC116LA, 15-AY043CA, PAVILION 15-AY031CY, Pavilion 15-AY052NC, Pavilion 15-BA060NF, Pavilion 17-Y028CY, Pavilion 14-AM017NO, PAVILION 15-AY071NL, Pavilion 15-BA006DS, Pavilion 17-X021NA, 14-AC103LA, Pavilion 15-AC011NK, PAVILION 15-AY018NP, PAVILION 15-AY111NX, Pavilion 15-BA036NG, PAVILION 15-AC174NA, Pavilion 15q-aj006TX, Pavilion 15-AC108NA, PAVILION 15-AY049NE, PAVILION 15-AY510UR, Pavilion 15-BA105NG, PAVILION 14-AR104TX, Pavilion 14-AM101TX, Pavilion 15-AC136UR, Pavilion 15-ac126TU, PAVILION 15-AY100NI, PAVILION 15-BE109TX, 15-ba063ng, Pavilion 17-X032NA, Pavilion 15-AC056UR, Pavilion 15-AC666UR, Pavilion 15-af118AU, Pavilion 14-AC012NE, PAVILION 15-AY147TU, 250 G5-W4M41EA, PAVILION 14-AF132AU, Pavilion 15-AC122NIA, Pavilion 15-AF152SA, Pavilion 15-ac056TU, Pavilion 17-Y001ND, PAVILION 15-BA008NL, 14-am007nv, PAVILION 15-AC160NK, Pavilion 15-AC167NB, Pavilion 15-AY119TU, 15Q-AJ104TX(P6M68PA), Pavilion 15-ac194TU, 15-AF139CA, PAVILION 17-X121NF, PAVILION 15-AY006UR, Pavilion 15-AF066SA, Pavilion 15-BA021AX, Pavilion 14-AC122TX, 15-AY087CL, PAVILION 14-AS002AX, PAVILION 15-AY032NL, Pavilion 15-AY058TU, Pavilion 15-BA064NG, Pavilion 17-Y032NG, Pavilion 14-AM021NA, PAVILION 15-AF127NF, PAVILION 15-AY074NB, Pavilion 15-BA007NH, Pavilion 17-X013NO, 17-y023ng, Pavilion 15-AC013NG, PAVILION 15-AY019NQ, PAVILION 15-AY113NS, Pavilion 15-BA038UR, Pavilion 15-AY161TX, Pavilion 15-AC109NA, PAVILION 15-AY050NX, PAVILION 15-AY514TU, Pavilion 15-BA113UR, Pavilion 14-AM108NT, Pavilion 15-AC138NX, Pavilion 15-ac130TU, PAVILION 15-AY101NI, PAVILION 17-X003NG, 17-x030ng, Pavilion 17-X036DS, Pavilion 15-AC071NO, Pavilion 15-AC685UR, Pavilion 15-af127AU, Pavilion 14-AC018TX, PAVILION 15-AY157NS, 250 G5-X0N55EA, PAVILION 14-AM012NL


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