Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 11.4V
Battery Capacity: 3950mAh, 45Wh
Battery Color: Black
Cells Amount: 3-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
HP 816238-850,HP 816243-005, HP 816497-1C1, HP B06XK8RBL2, HP B07BN9DLDJ, HP B07G72YJJT, HP B07HKD97YM, HP HSTNN-1B7E, HP HSTNN-IB7E ,HP TPN-C120, HP VR03045XL ,HP VR03045XL-PL, HP VR03XL
Compatible Laptop Models:
Hp 13-D008TU, 7265NGW, Envy 13-d000, ENVY 13-D000 SERIES, Envy 13-D000NE, Envy 13-D000NF, Envy 13-d000ng, ENVY 13-D000NG N7H78EA, Envy 13-D000NL, Envy 13-D000NN, Envy 13-D000NO, Envy 13-D000NP, Envy 13-D000NS, Envy 13-D000NT, Envy 13-D000NV, Envy 13-D000NX, Envy 13-D000TU, Envy 13-D000UR, Envy 13-D001LA, Envy 13-D001NA, Envy 13-D001NE, Envy 13-D001NL, Envy 13-D001NO, ENVY 13-D001NT, Envy 13-D001NX, Envy 13-D001TU, Envy 13-D001UR, Envy 13-D002NA, Envy 13-D002NE, Envy 13-D002NF, Envy 13-d002ng, ENVY 13-D002NG P0U82EA, Envy 13-D002NL, Envy 13-D002NN, Envy 13-D002NO, Envy 13-D002NP, Envy 13-D002NS, Envy 13-D002NV, Envy 13-D002TU, ENVY 13-D002UR, Envy 13-D003LA, Envy 13-D003NA, Envy 13-D003NF, Envy 13-d003ng, ENVY 13-D003NG K3D47EA, Envy 13-D003NL, Envy 13-D003NO, Envy 13-D003NP, Envy 13-D003TU, Envy 13-D003UR, Envy 13-D004NF, Envy 13-d004ng, ENVY 13-D004NG K3D48EA, Envy 13-D004NO, Envy 13-D004NP, Envy 13-D004TU, Envy 13-D005LA, Envy 13-D005NA, Envy 13-D005NL, Envy 13-D005NO, Envy 13-D005NP, Envy 13-D005TU, Envy 13-D006LA, Envy 13-D006NA, Envy 13-D006NC, Envy 13-D006NF, Envy 13-D006NL, Envy 13-D007NA, Envy 13-D007NF, Envy 13-D007NL, Envy 13-D007NO, Envy 13-D007TU, Envy 13-D008NO, Envy 13-D008TU, Envy 13-D009NA, Envy 13-D009NF, Envy 13-D009NL, Envy 13-D009TU, Envy 13-D010CA, Envy 13-D010NA, Envy 13-D010NC, Envy 13-D010ND, Envy 13-D010NF, Envy 13-d010nr, Envy 13-d010nw, ENVY 13-D010NW P1S31EA, Envy 13-D010TU, Envy 13-D011NF, Envy 13-D011NL, Envy 13-D011NW, Envy 13-D011TU, Envy 13-D012NA, Envy 13-D012NF, Envy 13-D012NL, Envy 13-D012TU, Envy 13-D013NA, Envy 13-D013NF, Envy 13-D013NL, Envy 13-D013TU, Envy 13-D014NF, Envy 13-D014TU, Envy 13-D015NF, Envy 13-D016NF, Envy 13-D016NL, Envy 13-D017NF, Envy 13-D017NL, Envy 13-D017TU, Envy 13-D018NF, ENVY 13-D018NL, Envy 13-D018TU, Envy 13-D019NF, Envy 13-D019TU, Envy 13-D020ND, Envy 13-D020NF, Envy 13-d020ng, Envy 13-D020NW, Envy 13-D020TU, Envy 13-D021ND, Envy 13-D021NF, Envy 13-D021TU, Envy 13-D022ND, ENVY 13-D022TU, Envy 13-D023NF, ENVY 13-D023TU, ENVY 13-D024TU, ENVY 13-D025TU, Envy 13-D026TU, Envy 13-D027TU, Envy 13-D028TU, Envy 13-D030TU, Envy 13-D031TU, Envy 13-D032TU, Envy 13-D033TU, Envy 13-D034TU, Envy 13-D035TU, Envy 13-D036NZ, Envy 13-D036TU, Envy 13-D038TU, Envy 13-D039TU, ENVY 13-D040NR 13.3, Envy 13-D040TU, Envy 13-D041TU, Envy 13-D042TU, Envy 13-D043TU, Envy 13-D044TU, Envy 13-D045TU, ENVY 13-D046TU, Envy 13-D047TU, Envy 13-D048TU, Envy 13-D049TU, Envy 13-D050NA, Envy 13-D050NZ, Envy 13-D050TU, Envy 13-D051NA, Envy 13-D051SA, ENVY 13-D051TU, Envy 13-D052TU, Envy 13-D053NA, Envy 13-D053TU, Envy 13-D054TU, Envy 13-D055NA, Envy 13-D055SA, Envy 13-D055TU, Envy 13-D057TU, Envy 13-D058NA, Envy 13-D058SA, Envy 13-D058TU, Envy 13-D060NA, Envy 13-D060SA, Envy 13-D060TU, Envy 13-D061NA, Envy 13-D061NR, ENVY 13-D061SA, Envy 13-D061TU, Envy 13-D062TU, Envy 13-D063TU, Envy 13-D064TU, Envy 13-D065TU, Envy 13-D066TU, Envy 13-D067TU, Envy 13-D068TU, Envy 13-D069TU, Envy 13-D070NB, Envy 13-D080ND, Envy 13-D082NB, Envy 13-D082ND, Envy 13-D083NO, Envy 13-D084NG, Envy 13-D084NO, Envy 13-D085NO, Envy 13-D086NO, Envy 13-d090nz, Envy 13-D096UR, Envy 13-D097UR, Envy 13-D099NB, Envy 13-d100, ENVY 13-D100 SERIES, Envy 13-D100NE, Envy 13-D100NF, Envy 13-D100NI, Envy 13-D100NN, Envy 13-D100NO, Envy 13-D100NP, Envy 13-D100NS, Envy 13-D100NT, Envy 13-D100NV, Envy 13-D100NX, Envy 13-D100UR, Envy 13-D101NE, Envy 13-D101NF, Envy 13-D101NG, Envy 13-D101NN, Envy 13-D101NO, Envy 13-D101NS, Envy 13-D101NT, Envy 13-D101NX, Envy 13-D102NC, Envy 13-D102NF, Envy 13-d102ng, ENVY 13-D102NG X7H69EA, Envy 13-D102NI, Envy 13-D102NN, Envy 13-D102NP, Envy 13-D102NS, Envy 13-D102TU, Envy 13-D102UR, Envy 13-D103NC, Envy 13-D103NF, Envy 13-D103NP, Envy 13-D103NS, Envy 13-d103TU, Envy 13-D103UR, Envy 13-D104NA, Envy 13-D104NO, Envy 13-D104NP, Envy 13-D104TU, Envy 13-D104UR, Envy 13-D105NF, Envy 13-D105TU, Envy 13-D106NF, Envy 13-D106NO, Envy 13-D106TU, Envy 13-D107NF, Envy 13-D107NO, Envy 13-D108NA, Envy 13-D108NF, Envy 13-D108NO, Envy 13-D108TU, Envy 13-D110NF, Envy 13-D110NO, Envy 13-d110TU, Envy 13-D111NO, Envy 13-D111TU, Envy 13-D112TU, Envy 13-D113TU, Envy 13-D114TU, Envy 13-D115TU, Envy 13-D116TU, Envy 13-D117TU, Envy 13-D118TU, Envy 13-D119TU, Envy 13-D120ND, Envy 13-D120TU, Envy 13-D121TU, Envy 13-D128TU, Envy 13-D129TU, Envy 13-D130NZ, Envy 13-D130TU, Envy 13-D131ND, Envy 13-d131TU, Envy 13-D132TU, Envy 13-D134TU, Envy 13-D135TU, Envy 13-D150NW, Envy 13-D170ND, Envy 13-D183NB, Envy 13-D190ND, Envy 13-D190NZ, ENVY 13-DO12TU, ENVY 13-DOO8TU, Envy 13d008tu, ENVY 13D010CA.


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