Battery Rating: 14.6V
Battery Capacity: 2850mAh (31.2Wh)
Battery Cells: 4-cell
Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
Battery Color: black
Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
Replace Part Number:
1WY54EA,2LB99EA,2LP34AA,919681-221,919681-231,919681-241,919681-421,919681-831,919682-131,919682-141,919682-421,919682-422,919700-850,HSTNN-DB8A,HSTNN-DB8E,HSTNN-IB7X, HSTNN-LB7V,HSTNN-LB7W,JC03,JC03031,JC03031XL,JC03XL,JC04041,JC04041Xl,TPN-C129,TPN-C130,TPN-Q186,TPN-Q187,TPN-W129,TPN-W130
Compatible Laptop Models:
HP 15g-br002TX, Pavilion x360 15g-br010tx, Pavilion 15-BW031NO, 245 G6(1RR86PA), Pavilion 15G-BR102TX, 15g-br004TX, 17-ak042ng, Pavilion 15-BW031NT, 245 G6(1RR87PA), Pavilion 15G-BR104TX, 15g-br007TX, 15-bs058ca, 15g-br101TX, Pavilion 15G-BR106TX, Pavilion 15-BW031AU, 15g-br001TX, 15-bw018ca, 15g-br009TX, Pavilion 15G-BR109TX, Pavilion 15-BW031NG, 245 G6(4VT67PA), Pavilion 15G-BR101TX, 15g-br003TX, 17-ak005ng, Pavilion 15-BW031NS, 245 G6(2FF93PA), Pavilion 15G-BR103TX, 15g-br005TX, 17-ak055ng, Pavilion 15-BW031UR, 15g-br100, Pavilion 15G-BR105TX, 15-BSO61ST, 15g-br008TX, 15-BS028CA, 15g-br100TX, Pavilion 15G-BR108TX, Pavilion 15-BW031NC, 245 G6(4VT69PA), Pavilion 15G-BR100TX, 17-bs0xx, 15-bw004cy, 17-BS057CL, 17-BS038CL, 17-BS051OD, 17-BS010NR, 17-BS020NR, 17-BS049DX, 17-BS062ST, 17-BS061ST, 15-bs061st, 17-ak061nr, 15-bs087cl, 17-BS018CY, 17-bs019dx, 17-bs011dx, 15-bs013dx, 15-bw051OD, 15-bs062st, 245 G6, Pavilion 17z


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