Input: 100-240V~2.5A 50-60Hz
Adapter Output Voltage: 19.5V
Adapter Output Current: 9.2A
Adapter Power: 180W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :840g
Dimension( Main Body ) :170.63 x 85.70 x 40.55mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected.
Compatible AC Adapters:
ADP-180NB BC AC Adapter
Compatible Laptop Models:
MSI: GT60 2PC-608XCN, GT70 2PE-1480AU, GX60 3BE-279UK, GT60 2PC-607CN, GT70 2PE-1884UK, GX60 3AE-216US, GT60 2PE-605CN, GT70 2PE-1862UK, GX70 3BE-031AU, GT60 2PE-606CN, GT70 2PE-1844XHU, GX70 3BE-008US, GT60 2QD-1227X, GT70 2PE-1208BE, GX70 3BE-041UK, GT70 2PE-1091XNE, GT70 2PE-2064BE, GX70 3BE-042TR, GX70 3CC-226US, GT70 2PE-1069NL, GX70 3BE-207XFR, GT70 2PE-1811UK, GT70 2PE-2011SG, GX70 3CC-631AU, GT70 2QD-2292US, GT70 2PE-1425TR, GX70 3CC-228UK, GT70 2OD-064US, GT70 2PE-1675XPL, GX70 3BE-217XFR, GT70 2PE-1462US, GX70 3BE-003FR, GT70 2PE-1468TH, GX70 3CC8H11BW, GT70 2OD-001US, GX70 3BE-079RU, GT70 2PC-1468US, GX70 3BE-027CZ, GT70 2PE-1620NL, GX70 3BE-024AU, GX70 3CC-238NL, GX70 3CC87FD, GT70 2PE-1040US, GX70 3BE-058RU, GT70 2PE-1698AU, GX70 3BE-078RU, GT70 2PE-1249UK, GX70 3BE-070AU, GT70 2PE-1231XPL, GX70 3BE-011BE, GT70 2PE-1414FR, GX70 3BE-007US, GT70 2PE-1622NL, GX70 3BE-016XCZ, GX70 3CC-274TH, GT70 2PE-1200NL, GX70 3CC-203US, GT70 2PE-2275XES, GT70 2PE-1885US, GX60 3CC-281US, GX70 3CC-233RU, GT70 2PE-1461US, GX70 3CC-098AU, GX60 1AC-025UK, GT70 2PE-1499AU, GX70 3CC-234RU, GT70 2PE-1243TW, GT70 2PE-1229UK, GT70 DOMINATOR 894, GT70 2PE-1419NE, GT70 2PE-1854FR, GX70 3BE-061XPL, GT70 2PE-2221CZ, GT70 2PE-1051FR, GX70 3CC-81FD, GT70 2OC-059US, GT70 2PE-1278CZ, GX70 3CC-097AU, GT60 2PE-1055CN, GT70 2PE-1280CZ, GX60 3CC-283XFR, GT60 2PE-1054CN, GT70 2PE-890US, GX60 3BE-240US.


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