Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 14.8V
Battery Capacity: 82Wh
Battery Color: Black
Weight: 440g
Size: 138 x 87.89 x 21mm
Cells Amount: 8-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
CLEVO 4ICR18/65-2, CLEVO 6-87-P750S-4271, CLEVO 6-87-P750S-4272, CLEVO 6-87-P750S-4U73, CLEVO P750, CLEVO P750BAT-8, HASEE 6-87-P750S-4273, SHINELON 6-87-P750S-4U75
Compatible Laptop Models:
P770ZM, W-17S
Eon 17X, EON-17X, EON17-X, GTX970M, One K73-5N, P750, P750DM-G, P750DM2-G, P750DM3-G, P750S, P750ZM, P750ZM-G, P750ZM-S, P751, P751DM, P751DM-G, P751DM2-G, P751ZM, P751ZM-S, P770-DM, p770dm, P770DM-G, P770ZM, P770ZM-G, P770ZM-S, P771DM, P771DM-G, P771ZM, P771ZM-G, P771ZM-S, P775DM, P775DM-G, P775DM1, P775DM1-G, P775DM2-G, P775DM3-G, P775TM-G, P775TM1, P775TM1-G, X599, ZX7-D0
Sky X7C, Sky X7C I9-9900K
CP75S01, G155P, GP77S02, GX8 D0, GX8-CP5S1, GX8-CR6S1, GX8-CR7S1, GX8-GL7S1, GX8-I76172S1, GX8-SP7S1, HASEE GX7, Shinelon V56 Pro, V56 Pro, V56-648ISIN-P, ZX7-CP5S1, ZX7-D0, ZX7-G4S1, ZX7-i76172S1, ZX7-KP5D1, ZX7-KP7S1, ZX7-SL7S1, ZX7-SP5D1, ZX7-V37, ZX8, ZX8 D0, ZX8-D0, ZX8-GL7S1, ZX8-I76172S1, ZX8-SL7S2, ZX8-SP7S1
NP9752, NP9752-S, NP9755, NP9758, NP9758-S, NP9772, NP9772-S, NP9775, NP9778, NP9778-S
W705, W706, XMG U505, XMG U505 Pro, XMG U506, XMG U507, XMG U705, XMG U705-1AR, XMG U705-1UM, XMG U705-1UW, XMG U705-2AD, XMG U705-3EY, XMG U705-3UK, XMG U705-4UZ, XMG U705-5AH, XMG U705-5AW, XMG U705-7AF, XMG U705-7EF, XMG U705-9EL, XMG U706, XMG U706-1ab, XMG U706-2AY, XMG U706-2in, XMG U706-4at, XMG U706-4ob, XMG U706-5uc, XMG U706-6uh, XMG U706-7IM, XMG U706-ftm, XMG U706-jmx, XMG U706-kms, XMG U706-mkd, XMG U706-phs, XMG U706-qtf, XMG U706-vbj, XMG U706-wpd, XMG U716, XMG Ultra 17, XMG Ultra 17 Turing
V87P, V87P-5480S2N
Terrans Force
X599, X599 1070 67SH1, X599 1070 87SH1, X599 970M 47, X599 970M 47S, X599 970M 5SH1, X599 970M X3T, X599 970M XE3T, X599 980M 47K, X599 SERIE, X599-1070-67SH1, X599-1070-67SH2, X599-1070-87SH1, X599-970M-47, X599-970M-47S, X599-970M-5SH1, X599-970M-X3Q, X599-970M-X3T, X599-970M-XE3T, X599-970M-XE3Z1, X599-980M-47K, X599-G-67SH1, X799, X799 970M XE3, X799 980M G79, X799 980M G79K, X799 980M XE3, X799 SERIE, X799-67SH1, X799-970M-XE3, X799-980M-G79, X799-980M-G79K, X799-980M-XE3, X799-G-67SH1
G150T, G150T-47208G128G1T9602G, G150T-47208G1T9502G, P750DM


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