Battery Type: Li-ion
Battery Voltage: 15.2V
Battery Capacity: 4400mAh, 60Wh
Battery Color: Black
Cells Amount: 6-Cells
Battery Cell Quality: Genunie / Original Battery
Replace Part Number:
ASUS C41N1416, ASUS C4lNl416, ASUS N501JW-1A, ASUS N501JW-1B, ASUS N501JW-2A ,ASUS N501JW-2B, ASUS N501JW1A, ASUS N501JW1B ,ASUS N501JW2A ,ASUS N501JW2B
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus G501jw, G601J, G60JW4720, N501JW, N501JW-1A, N501JW-1B, N501JW-2A, N501JW-2B, UX501JW, UX501JWCN245P, UX501JWCN245R, UX501JWCN245T, UX501JWDS71T, UX501JWFI177H, UX501JWFI177T, UX501JWFI218H, UX501JWFI218T, ZenBook Pro UX501JW4720, Zenbook UX501JW, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245P, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245R, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245T, ZenBook UX501JW-DS71T, ZenBook UX501JW-FI177H, ZenBook UX501JW-FI177T, ZenBook UX501JW-FI218H, ZenBook UX501JW-FI218T, ZenBook UX501LW
Asus Zenbook Pro Ux501 Series
UX501, UX501JW-CN245P, UX501JW-CN245R, UX501JW-CN245T, UX501JW-DS71T, UX501JW-FI177H, UX501JW-FI177T, UX501JW-FI218H, UX501JW-FI218T, UX501JW4720, UX501LW, ZenBook Pro UX501, ZenBook Pro UX501JW-4720.


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