Input: AC100-240V~,50-60Hz 1.5A
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 3.42A
Adapter Power: 65W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5×2.5mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :203g
Dimension( Main Body ) :75.20 x 75.20 x 30.50mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected.
Compatible AC Adapters:
AD887320,ADP-65AW A,ADP-65GD,ADP-65GD B,EXA1208CH,EXA1208UH ,F555BA,F555BP,K501UB,K501UQ,K501UW,K501UX,K550JF,K550JK,P550CA,P550CC,PA-1650-78,S300C ,S300CA,X555,X555D,X555DA,X555DG,X555L,X555LA,X555LB,X555U,X555UB,X555UJ,X555UQ
Compatible Laptop Models:
ASUS: UX50, F9, F550L, G2S, N45, X550CA-CJ296H, 6JS, L80, M60, VX, F9F, UX310U, M2000, VIVOBOOK S500, X550CA-EB51, 6JC6K, Z91G, N70, X5, F9J, Q301L, M2000N, K450CA-EH51T, 6JM, 9100, N10, X52, M2, X502C, M6000N, K550, VIVOBOOK V500CA, 6K, P81IJ, N20, X59, M6N, UX430U, M6700N, N75, X550LB-NH52, 3M, S1N, N43, X53, W5, X550LA, M6800N, U46, Q500A-BHI5N01, 3P, V6, N50, X61SL, X50, K401U, M6B00N, K53, X44H, 3SC, V6000, N51, X66, A7C, F550LD-XO225H, M6V, K43, X401A, 3T, 1JP, N52, PRO8FJC, A7D, Y481C, M6VA, X43, VIVOBOOK S300CA, 3JA, V1XZ, N60, X71, A7F, X555LD-DM782H, W3N, A43, VIVOBOOK S300CA-BBI5T01, 3JM, SERIES, N61, B53, A7G, K46CM, W3, A53, X55U-AB21, 3JP, A8S, N71, X35, A7J, P550LAV-XX893G, W3V, P43, K552, 3JR, Z99D, N80, X82, A7Jc, K501UQ DMO11T, W3000, X450, K551, 833Y, Z99S, N81, U33, A7M, S46C, W3000V, X402C, UL20, 9F, Z99H, N82, X85, A7S, X75A, W5F, UL30, 9J, F8SG, NX90, X88, A7Tc, MX279, W5V, X550CA-DB31, UL50, M2N, X81S, P42, A2, A83, A7V, TP500LA-DH71T, U5A, X42, N10E, K40E, P52, A3, K550LC, A7Vc, TP300LD-DW081H, U5F, X550CA-DB91, N53, 10J, F3TC., P81, A3E, BU401 LA, A8Jc, PU401L, V1J, X550CA-XX396H, 10JH, M6, S121, A6, K551L, A8Jp, X550LC, V1Jp, X550CA-XX322H, W3A, U50, S97, A7, K551LN-XX317D, A8Jr, EXA1208HU, W2J, X550CA-XX659H, 3N, U43, U20, A8, K56CA, A8Js, UX14OU, W2Pc, X550CA-XX985H, 3V, V1, U3, A8F, TP501U, A8M, W2V, X550CA-XX816H, S301L, 5F, W2, U30, A8H, X555, A8Sc, W5A, X550CA-XX176H, F501A, 6A, A40, U31, F2, X53B, F2J, A8J, X550CA-XX075H, W90, S6, A41, U35U36, F2JE, X53BE, F3M, F8SV, X550CA-XX647H, K45L, W24E, A42, U41, F3, X555U, F3P, R2H, X550CA-XX101H, A52, U45, A72, U45U50, F3JA, X555UJ, F3Sc, N73, X550CA-XX957H, F52, 35JC, B43, U6, F3JC, EEEBOX PC B202, F3T, X73, X550CA-XX069H, X8A, 36JU5, F81, U80, F3JM, X301A, G1, P550C, X550CA-XX249H, 6KT, L50, F83, U81, F3JP, UX410U, G1S, P550CA-XX91G, X550CA-CJ677H, 6R, X50V, K72M50, UL80, F3JR, F75A, G2, G51, X550CA-XX154H, 6VA, L50VT, M51, UX30
ASUS F555LA Series: F555LA, , F555LD, F555US, F555LA-AH51
ASUS X550CA Series: X550V, , X550CA-DB71.


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