Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz 2.0A
Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
Adapter Output Current: 6.32A
Adapter Power: 120W
Adapter Plug Size: 5.5 x 2.5mm
Weight( Adapter only ) :471g
Dimension( Main Body ) :160.30 x 76.80 x 26.20mm
Original / Genuine : Yes
Package Include:
 1 x AC Adapter
1 x Power Cord You Selected.
Compatible AC Adapters:
A11-120P1A,ADP-120RH B,ADP-120ZB BB,ADP120-RH D,PA-1121-28,A15-120P1A 
Compatible Laptop Models:
Asus: FX50J, ZX50JX, A550J, G551J
ASUS: N550JX-1C, , N76VZ-DH71, FX53V, N56VM-S4152X, N551JX, ADP-120ZB, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC044T, X750JN, G550JK SERIES, ROG GL752VW-T4138T, ZENBOOK UX510UW-FI140R, G50V, N550JV-CM068H, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-DS76T, N76VZ-V2G-T1077V, X550VX-DM097T, N76VM-V2G-T1064X, N550LF-CN126H, N76VZ-V2G-T1037V, X580VD-1A, N550, ROG G551JM, ROG STRIX GL753VE-GC151T, G550JK-1C, N550JV-CN253H, ZENBOOK UX510UW-CN030T, G50VT, GL752VL-2B, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-FI024T, N46VM-S3141V, ROG GL752VW-T4180T, N56VM-TB71, UX510UW-RB71, G53SV, N550JV-CK170H, N550JV, N551JK-CN124H, N550JV-CM202H, G550JK-DS71, GL752VW-T4079T, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC009, N76, ZENBOOK FLIP UX561UD-BO027R, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-IH74T, N56VZ-S4054, N46VJ, N76VZ-DH71-CA, ROG GL752VW-T4105, N56VM-S4032V, G551JM, Q550, N43SM, N551JK-CN283H, G550JK-DB71, TUF GAMING FX705, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC011T, G55VW, GL752VW-T4188T, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-FJ573T, N76VZ-V2G-T1078V, N550JV-CN277H, N76VM-V2G-T1070V, N750JV-T4184H, N76VZ-V2G-T1040, N550LF-CN023H, Q550LF, YX570, N551JB, G550JK-CN154H, GL752VW-DB71, N550JK-DS580H, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC041T, K55VJ, FX504GD RS51, N46VM-V3031D, GL752VW-T4105, N56VM-AB71, N550JV-CM230H, G73SW, GL552JX, N550JV-DB72T, N550JV-CN127H, X580VD-9A, GL752VW-RH1, G550JK-CN155H, GL752VW- DH71, ZENBOOK PRO UX501VW-DS71T, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC043T, G50, ROG STRIX GL553VD, FX53VD-BS51-CB, N56VZ-S4049V, N76VZ-V2G-T1080, ZX50JX, N76VZ-DS71, GL752VW-1A, N56VM-S4047V, ROG GL752VW-T4004T, N550JV-DB71, N551JB-DM019H, N550JV-XO087H, G550JK-CN156H, GL752VW-DH74, X750JN-3C, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC045T, N53S, UX501VW-FY102R, FX705DY, N46VM-V3030D, R401VM, N76VM-V2G-T1078, ZENBOOK FLIP UX561UD-E2026R, N76VZ-V2G-T1045V, N750JV-T4105H, A7K, N751JM, N550LF-CN065H, G550JK-CN204H, GL752VW- IH74, N552VX-FY105T, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC061T, N46, UX501JW-CN245T, N56VZ-S4036V, FX53VD, N56VM-S3150V, N73JW, N56VM-S3029V, N56JK, A7T, ROG GL771JW-T7081H, ET2011ET SERIES, G550JK-CN253H, GL752VW-Q72SX-CB, A4310 1A, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC082T, N55, X750JN-TY041H, N76VZ-V2G-T1082V, ZENBOOK PRO UX501VW-FJ098T, N76VZ-V2G-T1007V, ROG G501VW, N76VZ-V2G-T1083V, N550JX-DS71T, G51J, N750JV-T4004H, ROG GL752VW-T4032T, ROG GL552, G550JK-CN272H, GL752VW-T4004T, X750JA-3C, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC397T, N750, N552VW-2A, N46VM-V3036D, UX501V, N76VM-V2G-T1080, K93SM, K53SV, X550VX-XX067D, G75V, N550LF-XO036H, N750JV-T4109H, N550JK-CN113H, G550JK-CN272V, GL752VW-T4077T, N552VX-FY017T, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC322T, N500, A4310-BE029M, N56VZ-S4035D, X750JN-TY008H, N56VM-S3141V, VIVOBOOK PRO M580VD, N76VZ-V2G-T1083H, ROG GL752VW-T4189T, N45SL, X550VX-1A, G58J, N56VZ-S4328H, G550JK-CN363H, GL752VW-T4091T, A4321UTH 1B, N56DP, N56VZ, VIVOBOOK PRO N752VX-GC049T, N76VM-V2G-T1008V, N552VW-FI202T, N76VZ-V2G-T1011V, N552VX-FY103T, N56VM-S4082V, N550JK-1B, N55S, ROG GL752VW-T4122T, N550JX-FI057H, FX553V, G550JK-CN366D, GL752VW-T4108D, VIVOBOOK PRO N752VX-GC139T, N56DY, ET2300, N551VW-8A, N46VZ-V3022V, N552VX-FY071T, N76VM-V2G-T5082V, UX501JW-FI177H, N76VZ-V2G-T1011H, GL752VW-T4130T, N55SF, N750Y47JV-SL, K550VX, GL553V-EFY517T, G550JK-CN377H, GL752VW-T4122T, N551JX-1C, N551VW-CN058T, ET2400, A6421UTH 1B, N56VZ-S4026V, A6420 1B, N56VM-S3113V, X750JB-3C, N56VM-S3054V, R401VZ, N55SL, N550JV-CN229H, TUF FX505, UX501JW, G550JK-CN405H, GL752VW-T4137T, AIO A6410-BC014T, N551JX-CN089T, G75VW, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-FI033T, N76VM-V2G-T1023V, N580VD, N76VZ-V2G-T1023V-BE, N552VW-FW026T, N76VZ-V2G-T1031H, FX60VM6700, N75SL, GL752VW-3B, N53SN, A4310, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580GD-DB74, GL752VW-T4179T, G771JM, N551ZU-CN007H, G75VX, N551JX-CN215H, N55SF-EH71, N551JX-CN080H, N76VM-V2G-T1087V, A4321GKB 1B, N56VM-4048X, UX501VW-FY145T, X750JA-TY003H, FX504G, N550JV-CM041H, N550JK-CN102H, GL752VW-DH71, GL752VW-T4180T, N551JW-CN217H, N551ZU-CN010D, N56VZ-S4023V, AIO ET2220INKI-B022K, N56VZ-S3047V, AIO A6410-BC019M, N56VM-S3022V, VIVOBOOK PRO N752VX-GC089T, N76VZ-V2G-T1031V, UX510UX-1A, N53SV, N550JK-CN298H, G550J, GL752VW-T4138T, X550J, TUF GAMING FX504GE-US52, GL752VW-T4189T, AIO ET2220INTI-B007M, N551JX-CN034H, N76VZ-V2G-T5017V, FX63VD, N55SF-DS71, GL553VW, N76VZ-V2G-T1026, N551VW-CN089T, N56VZ-ES71, X750JN-TY027H, ROG G771J, ROG G501VW-FY081T, X756UW, R50VM, R750 JV, TUF GAMING FX504GD-RS51, GL752VW-T4243T, X705UD, N56JR, N46V, AIO ET2220INTI-B074K, N56VZ-S4096V, N551JQ-1A, N76VM-V2G-T5046V, N750Y, N76VZ-V2G-T1249H, N552VX-FW140T, G501JW, UX550VD, N550JX, FX60VM-DM135T-BE, ROG GL552V, ROG GL552VW-DH71, ROG STRIX GL753VE-DS74, N551JM-CN078H, N56VB, N56VZ-S4022V, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC032T, N76VM-V2G-T1024V, AIO ET2220INTI-B012K, N56VM-S3151V, AIO A6410-BC007M, N56VZ-DS71, A4310-B146M, UX501J, N552VX-FY299T, GL752VW, UX501VW-FY062T, N73SV, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 M580VD, ROG STRIX GL553VE-IS78, X750JK, N56JN, N76VZ-V2G-T1054V, X550JF, N55SF-RH71, TUF FX504, N76VZ-V2G-T1027V, UX561UD, N76VZ-V2G-T1132H, X750JA-TY007H, N550JK-CN111H, UX501JW-FI218H, X750JN-TY033D, PU551JH, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 M580V, GL552VW-DH73, FX753VD-GC490T, FX503VD-DM002T, N46VZ, ROG STRIX GL753VE, N56VZ-S4054V, N551JQ-DS71, N76VM-V2G-T5063V, N551JW-1B, N56VZ-RS72, N552VX-FY137T, G771JW-T7179T, X750JB-TY002H, N552VW, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC133T, ZENBOOK UX510UW-CN044T, ZENBOOK UX510UW-RB71, N550JV-CM252H, FX503VD-E4035T, N56VZ-S4066V, N550JV-CM067H, N76VM-V2G-T1025V, FX60, N56VM-S3129V, AIO ET2220INKI-B041K, N76VZ-V2G-T1265H, A6421GKH 1B, GL55 1JK, N552VX-2A, A4310-BB004S, N551JK-CN167H, UX501, GL552VW-Q72S-CB, N551JB-8A, FX503VD-DM106T, N76VZ-V2G-T1055V, N551JK-CN175H, N56, N551JK-1A, N76VZ-V2G-T1032V, FX63VD7300, N56VZ-RB71, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-DM027T, GL552V, A4321UKB 1B, VIVOBOOK PRO 17 N705UD-EH76, X580GD, GL553VW-DH71 GAMING, ROG STRIX GL553VE-DS75, N71JV, FX503VD-EH73, N46VM, N551JK, N76VM-V2G-T1043V, R501VM, N56VM-S4125V, AIO ET2220INTI-B083K, N76VZ-V2G-T1246H, N551JX-CN079H, N751JK, VIVOBOOK PRO N752VX-GC116T, N551VW-1A, N550JV-CN201H, ROG STRIX GL553VW-DH71, ROG STRIX GL553VD-Q52SP-CB, X580VN-1A, FX503VD-WH51, N56VZ-S4044V, X580GD-1B, N76VZ, X570UD-1B, N76VZ-V2G-T1033D, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC042, N56VZ-DH71-CA, AIO A6410-BC022T, N751JX, N551VW-FY197T, GL551, G771JW, GL753VD SERIES, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580GD-DM041T, N550JV-XO285H, FX503VD-E4139T, N76VZ-V2G-T5061V, N550JV-CN275H, N76VM-V2G-T5013V, N550JV-CN051H, N56VM-S4157V, X550JX, N56VZ-S4016H, K750J, N751JK-T4146H 17.3 ZOLL LAPTOP, AIO A6410-BC012T, GL552, N550LF-CK108H, ROG STRIX GL753VD-DS71, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580GD-XB76T, FX-PLUS, FX502VD-NB76, N46VM-V3034V, N550LF-CM094H, N56VM, N551JB-CN021H, N76VZ-V2G-T1033V, ROG STRIX GL753VE-GC133T, N56VZ-QH71-CB, N551JQ-AS71, ET2220IUTI, GL752, N76VJ, ROG STRIX GL753VD-GC001T, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 M580VD-EB54, N550LF-CN099H, TUF GAMING FX504GE-BS73, N56VZ-S4027V, G550JX, N76VM, N750JK, N56VM-S4034V, N550JV-CM143H, N56VZ-S4416H, AIO ET2220INTI-B015K, N551JW-CN079H, ROG STRIX GL753VD-Q52P-CB, ROG GL771JW-T7083T, GL752VW SERIES, VIVOBOOK PRO N552VW-XS76T, UX510UW, TUF GAMING FX504GD-ES51, N76VZ-V2G-T1064V, ROG GL771JM, N76VM-V2G-T5015V-BE, ROG GL771JW, N76VZ-V2G-T1036V, N550X, N56VZ-S4016V, N705UD, AIO ET2220INTI, ROG GL752VW-RH71, N750JV-T4033H, GL752VW-2B, ROG STRIX GL553VE-DS74, C90, ROG GL752VW-T4091T, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-Q72SP-CB, N46VM-V3035V, N750JV-T4089H, X550IU, N56VM-SB71, N750JV/I7-4700HQ, N76VM-V2G-T5031V, N551JK-CN177H, N56VZ-S4415H, N551JM, VIVOBOOK 15 X570UD, TUF FX504GD-RS51, X550VX-3J, ROG STRIX GL553VD-DM261T, C90S, N750JV-T4142H, VIVOBOOK PRO 15 N580VD-DB74T, N56VZ-S4086V
ASUS N751JK SERIES: N751JK-T7119H, , N751JK-T7102H, N751JK-DH71-CA, N751JK-T7122H, N751JK-T7195P, N751JK-T4147H, N751JK-T7120H, N751JK-T7080H, N751JK-T7118H, N751JK-TT4125H, N751JK-T7149H, N751JK-T7085H, N751JK-T7124H, N751JK-T7100H, N751JK-T7127H, N751JK-T7042H, N751JK-T7043H, N751JK-T7063H, N751JK, N751JX
ASUS ROG SERIES: GL552, , GL702, GL752, GL752VL, GL752VW-T4081, ROG GL752VW-DH71, GL752VW-DH74, GL752VW-IH74, GL771JM GL752VW, GL752VLM, GL752VW, GL752VW-DH7, 1 GL752VW-GS71, GL752VW-Q72SX-CB, G701, GL502.


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